I am Tahemeem and this is my food journey. I started off as a newlywed bride who had no clue about cooking. The first thing I made was so bad that we had to throw it out. I always had a passion for food and this gave me enough motivation to keep and keep trying and so began my journey. My husband is a man of simple tastes and lets me experiment on him with new dishes. We have 2 wonderful girls who are real picky eaters and make me work really hard to make dishes to suit their tastes. So my search is always for a good dish that my kids will eat. We mostly love south Indian food but this blog will feature recipes from all over the world. But I promise to bring you some classic Indian recipes from my kitchen.

Please join me in my documentation of my recipes and try some of them to see if they work for you and your family. Don’t forget to leave a comment on how it went. I would love to hear from you.

Happy cooking!