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The whole concept of logging food for me started when I was obsessing over what to pack for my daughter’s lunch, a picky-eater. I loved the concept of a bento box, a Japanese style lunch box. A bento, in spirit, is a balanced and a visually appealing meal consisting of carbs, protein, vegetables and fruit. I started making lunchboxes for my daughter(who loves Indian food) using an Indian adaptation of bento style. To get inspiration, we started a Facebook group called Bento Moms club. We shared our lunchbox ideas, the group got bigger and bigger everyday and we are all like a big family now. This is my documentation of lunchbox ideas I make for my kids and awesome recipe inspirations from my group.

A few 5 day pdf format meal plan lunchbox ideas:

Kids meal plan for lunchboxes.

Detailed posts about each lunchbox: