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Lunchbox Idea: Egg Biryani, Mirchi ka salan and Veggie Shapes


Leftovers make the best kind of lunch and somehow Biryani taste awesome the next day, I swear! Biryani is a favorite at my home, any kind of biryani and though it takes a bit of time to make this, we always have leftovers. My daughter loves taking biryani to school, she is a true Hyderabadi at heart! ๐Ÿ˜€ But she also needs mirchi ka salan to accompany that biryani, as I said, true Hyderabadi. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ So , I packed last night’s Egg Biryani(heated up) with Mirchi ka salan and veggie cut into fun shapes in her Lunchbox.

Egg Biryani with mirchi ka salan and carrot and cucumber veggies shapes.

Recipes to make this lunchbox:

  • Egg Biryani: It is one of the most loved recipes on my blog and so easy to put together. The recipe will seem really long but its so easy and delicious. Its a hyderabad style dum biryani and its the best kind ever. Please find the recipe and detailed instructions here: Egg Dum Biryani – Blissful Bites by Tay
  • Mirchi ka salan: Its a perfect accompaniment to Hyderabad Biryani and very delicious. Find the recipe and details here: Mirchi ka Salan – Blissful Bites by Tay

How to cut the veggies into shapes to make it super fun?

Oh this is a fun part! I usually make my daughter do this when she has time in the mornings. So, first cut the cucumber and carrot into thin slices and use a heart cutter to cut a heart into cucumber. Cut another heart from the carrot slice. Insert this carrot “heart” into the heart shaped hole in the cucumber. Repeat the process with flower cutter or any shape you like. You can find the cutters on amazon here: https://amzn.to/3q1AawS

Process to cut the cucumber and carrot into hearts and flowers using shape cutters.

Which lunchbox is used and how to pack Indian curries in the lunchbox?

I started to write that I used lunchbots here but I think I got mixed up while packing the lunch. This is a stainless steel box I picked up from a store in Canada. I live in US, so I can only recommend products available here. I do have a lunchbots and I love it! Its dishwasher-safe and completely unbreakable, because my daughter loves throwing her backpack and lunch bag everywhere, we have broken a few plastic and glass boxes this way. So, please get a Lunchbots Large Trio Stainless Steel lunchbox and that will last for years.

You can also go with planetbox, a lot of people in my Facebook group love it. I should also mention this new Bentgo Leak-resistant Stainless steel lunchbox, which is new in the market. I haven’t tested it yet, so I cannot vouch for it. We do love our plastic Bentgo kids box, its truly leakproof.

For dips or curries, which leak, I recommend getting this Lunchbots Leakproof Dip containers that fit perfectly well in Lunchbots Large lunchbox. This is not a sponsored post, I am a true fan of lunchbots ๐Ÿ˜€

Please do try this variety in your lunchboxes and let me know how it goes, we love to hear from you!



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