Kids 5 day lunchbox Ideas – Week 2

Packing a healthy lunchbox is so easy with these easy peasy lunchbox ideas.

Get ready for the week with these healthy and easy kids lunchbox ideas. Packing a healthy lunch is always an overwhelming task, especially for the picky eaters. The following are a few tried and tested lunchboxes I make for my kids. Hope you find them helpful!

Which lunchbox is used for kids lunchbox ideas?

I live in US, so I can only recommend products available here. I used a large lunchbots box here and I love it! Its dishwasher-safe and completely unbreakable, because my kids love throwing their backpack and lunch bag everywhere, we have broken a few plastic and glass boxes this way. So, please get a Lunchbots Large Trio Stainless Steel lunchbox and that will last for years.

For dips or curries, which leak, I recommend getting this Lunchbots Leakproof Dip containers that fit perfectly well in Lunchbots Large lunchbox.

Kids Lunchbox Ideas - Week 2

Healthy and easy lunchbox ideas for kids. Lunchbox used here is the Lunchbots Large Trio Stainless Steel lunchbox. For dips or curries, which leak, I recommend getting Lunchbots Leakproof Dip containers.

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These lunchbox ideas are just an inspiration, use these ideas and make it your own as per your kids palate. One important thing we always discuss in my group is how the kids wont finish their lunchboxes. I will say its okay, trust me, I was(and still am!) a super worried mom when my kids wont eat their lunch. But, its totally okay!

Another important thing to consider when packing lunch is to include your kids when planning. I found that they eat better when they have a say in what goes in their lunchbox. I am clearly not a expert, this is what works for my kids 🙂

Good luck for the next week 🙂

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Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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