Tuvar Lilva/Pigeon Peas Paratha

Healthy and protein-rich Tuvar lilva stuffed paratha/ pigeon peas stuffed flatbread.

A healthy and nutritious twist on a regular stuffed paratha with protein-rich Tuvar lilva/Fresh Pigeon peas. Tuvar lilva are fresh toor dal which is in Green pods like peas. This is usually found in the northern regions of India, during winter months, at farmers markets. Those green pods are then trimmed and seeds are removed to make awesome lilva kachoris and other tasty dishes. The fresh peas can be frozen to be used all year. The pigeon peas are then dried, hulled and split to use as toor dal, which is a staple in all Indian households.

Tuvar lilva paratha

I live in Seattle and we get frozen version of this shelled lilva. Its super convenient as I dont have to peel the pods, that will take ages 😀. I made this recipe when my husband got tons of Frozen Tuvar lilva when I asked him to get Frozen Peas, I call them “Genius mistakes of my darling husband” 🤣 . I have made kachori before with this lilva but this time, I wanted to make something simple and not too extensive and of course, with less calories. This post is giving me a idea to try air-fried kachori later 🤔

How nutritious are Tuvar Lilva?

Tuvar lilva are super rich in Protein, they have about 40 g of protein in 1/2 a cup, that’s a pretty good amount. They are an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and calcium. They are low in calories, cholesterol and saturated fats and rich in dietary fiber which are all good stuff to maintain heart health.

Parathas can be made two ways: stuffed or mixed in with the dough. Stuffed parathas can be made with all kinds of vegetables and lentils. The most common stuffed paratha is Aloo paratha but try switching it up with this and you wont regret it. Serve them hot with a dollop of butter, pickle and yogurt, they are heavenly!

Tuvar lilva paratha

Can you Freeze Tuvar lilva paratha?

Yes, absolutely! They freeze perfectly and are a great meal-prep idea. Cook the paratha and just let the paratha cool down to room temperature. Freeze them flat in a Ziploc bag separated by parchment paper. When you want to reheat them, just throw the frozen paratha on a medium hot griddle until it thaws on each side. Turn the heat to medium high, add oil and fry the paratha for couple minutes on both sides. They stay good in the freezer for at least 2 months.

How to achieve the best stuffed paratha?

First of all, I have to accept that I am not an expert at all. I am pretty new to this paratha because growing up in south india, Chapathi or parathas are a rare deal. I started making these only after my marriage when I met this really awesome Maharastrian girl who was awesome at rolling rotis. I was in awe every time she makes rotis and learned a few basic tips from her and few more tricks from my friend Rupali at Enhance Your Palate. Please do visit her for amazing healthy vegetarian recipes.

A few tips before we jump to the recipe:

  • The stuffing should be dry and not sticky. I use a boiled potato to get the right consistency for the stuffing. The tuvar dal is dry and flaky, potato adds the required amount of stickiness to the stuffing.
  • The dough used to make the paratha should be soft. When you mix the dough, let it rest for at least 15-30 min.
  • I add red chilli powder because my kids don’t like green chili taste in parathas, but if you want to maintain the green color, add minced or finely crushed green chili.
  • I use Instant pot to steam my tuvar lilva and boil the potato, you can use traditional methods to steam and boil.
  • I use an Cast iron griddle for making my parathas. They make my parathas super nice and soft.

Lets get to the recipe then:

Tuvar Lilva/Pigeon Peas Paratha

Recipe by Blissful Bites by TayCourse: Rotis/ParathasCuisine: Indian


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Healthy and protein-rich Tuvar lilva stuffed paratha/ pigeon peas stuffed flatbread.



  • In the instant pot insert, add a cup of water. On the trivet, place the potato and a bowl of frozen Tuvar lilva. Do not add water to Tuvar lilva bowl if you are using frozen ones. If you are using fresh ones, add a tablespoon of water.
  • Set the pressure cook/Manual mode to 8 minutes. Let the pressure release naturally and let the lilva and potato cool down.
  • If you don’t have instant pot, steam the lilva and boil the potato separately. Let them cool down.
  • Drain any remaining water from lilva and Transfer the lilva to a blender jar and pulse coarsely. the dal should be like flakes and not paste.
  • Peal and mash the boiled potato and keep it aside.
  • In a pan, add oil and chopped onion. Sauté the onion till its transparent.
  • Add coarsely crushed tuvar lilva and saute for couple minutes. Add grated potato and mixed thoroughly for just another couple minutes.
  • Add chilli powder/green chillies, amchur/dry mango powder, chopped cilantro. and salt and mix everything thoroughly. Let the mixture cool down.Tuvar lilva paratha
  • Make the dough:
  • While the mixture is cooling down, mix the flour with water and make a soft dough. Apply oil to the dough and let it rest for at least 15-30 minutes.
  • Knead the dough really well and divide it into lemon-sized balls.
  • Make parathas:
  • Roll the dough into small and thick discs. Roll the edges thinner than the center.
  • Take a lemon-sized ball of stuffing and put in the center of the dough disc.
  • Encase and Seal the stuffing with a series of pleats pinched around at the top, kinda like a dumpling. Gently flatten it on a lightly dusted workspace with your hand.
  • Dust the paratha with more flour as needed and Roll the paratha gently so the stuffing doesn’t come out.
  • Transfer the rolled paratha to the hot griddle and let it cook on one side for a couple minutes.
  • Turn it over and apply oil on both sides and cook till brown spots appear on both sides.
  • Serve it warm with pickle and yogurt. Yum! 😋Tuvar lilva paratha


  • The mixture should be dry and the dough should be soft. The stuffing will break the paratha when rolling, if the dough is soft.
  • These parathas can be frozen for a minimum of 2 months. Thaw them out by heating them on a medium hot griddle for a couple minutes and cooking them on medium high till brown spots appear and the paratha is cooked through.
Tuvar lilva paratha

Please try it and let us know how you and your family likes it! Its a healthy and different way of making paratha and I am sure you will love it.

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