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Lunchbox Idea: Cranberry Pulihora


Pulihora is a traditional dish made using rice and sour ingredients like tamarind, lemon, etc. I traded the tamarind with cranberries and made this awesome and color popping cranberry pulihora or cranberry rice. Its a great leftover recipe, can be made the day before and packed for lunchbox. If you have the sauce ready, this cranberry pulihora lunchbox can be put together in 15 minutes.

Lunchbox with cranberry rice, pumpkin cupcakes and clementine.

The cranberries are available only during the fall season in US, specifically the thanksgiving season. I combined that with the pumpkin cupcakes which is also another fall favorite of ours and some clementine to complete the meal.

Recipes to make this Cranberry pulihora lunchbox:

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